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Secure employee access from home with VPN

VPN connectivity creates a virtual private network for employees to connect to the corporate network remotely. VPN connectivity provides employees with the same access to their corporate network, including applications such as email, intranets, and corporate tools, within a secure tunnel across the Internet. VPN tunnels can provide the same level of protection against malware, viruses, and other malicious intent using the same firewall policies that protect the corporate network.

There are multiple choices of VPN tunnels available to businesses and organizations. A “Split Tunnel” divides the traffic between business-critical, protected traffic and general Internet browsing. In this case, the business-critical traffic is protected by the same policies enforced on the corporate network while other general Internet traffic is not. A “Full Tunnel” approach protects all Internet traffic so businesses can maintain the same security policy regardless of outbound traffic type, decreasing any chance of vulnerability from remote employee access to the network.

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